Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sukanya Venkatraghavan says, "Band Baaja Baaraat" is real, racy and fun loving Movie.

Rarely do you find a love story that is so full of life and bouncing off the walls. Band Baaja Baarat is one of the freshest cleverly written films in recent times. It has an energy about it that makes you want to do the balle balle. So Shruti (Anushka Sharma ) and Bittu (Ranveer Singh) meet and then decide to start a wedding planning business sorry biness as Bittu might say. There is definite attraction and Bittu tries to line maro initially but Shruti will have none of this love shove. It’s too complicated. And the first rule of partnership – No mixing business with pleasure. And what are rules if they don’t get broke, really. So when Bittu and Shruti realise that, things go awry. Very. And then there is heartbreak, havoc, shouting, lots of shouting and ultimately a climax where the guy does get the girl. Obviously yaar!

The fun of BBB lies in its robust dinchak Delhiness. The colours, the language, the people, even the way relationships are played out. Shruti is go-getting, no nonsense and a firebrand and you cant but love her. As Bittu says turn her inside out and maybe some heavy limbed himbos will tumble out because she is so not just your average girl next door. Bittu is street-smart, endearing, exasperating, can’t pronounce ‘business’ but knows how to run one with brilliant instinct. He also knows that he may not be as smart as his partner but he plays a perfect foil and is there for her in the most heartwarming fashion.

The first half is stupendous, with some fast racy writing and even though the story is fairly pat down and predictable you enjoy the telling of it. The second half dips in comparison and there is too much of band baaja baarat before these two impetous very similar yet so unlike soulmates actually get together. But they are so likeable you don’t mind the wait.

Debutant director Maneesh Sharma creates such real and spontaneous characters that they prop up his occasionally bumpy narrative with the same cleverness that they run their shaadi ka business. The dialogue by Habib Faisal who also wrote and directed Do Dooni Chaar another Delhi based film is crackling, insouciant and full of life. The styling of the film is unapologetically riotous and vibrant.

Anushka Sharma is awesome to simply put it. She is ‘theeki’ and right there in the moment at all times. This is an actress to watch out for. Ranveer Singh makes a marvelous debut. His Bittu really works. Ranveer has a comic and emotional timing that cannot be ignored. There is tremendous potential here and one that has been tapped rightly in this film. Watch out for the outstanding chemistry between these two in the scene where they have their showdown and in the earlier scenes when they are getting to know each other.

BBB scores on many levels. It has a very real quality. There is no posturing at all. If the characters are eating Chinese food from a local fast food joint then the sauce does come in those little knotted up sachets and that’s just one of the many things that are authentic about the film. This is undoubtedly your best watch this weekend. Movie mubarak ho sabko!


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